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  Jun. 12th, 2009 05:46 pm
So, I'm going to completely skim over the last month and just concentrate on the last two weeks, as they've been hilariously insane in a wtf kind of way.
On may 26th, i had an assignment to do, so I packed all my stuff and left to walk to the station as normal, crossing the main road to take the shortcut across the park.
then, a fiat cianquento (sp) hit me whilst i was crossing the road, and i spent the next two weeks in hospital with a knocked head and a broken leg, hooray!
So now I'm knocking finishing my masters back by a term most prob (grr) signed off work at the pub for a month and generally recovering!
apparently on the day itself i got airlifted to hosp in london, lol dramatic, the road was closed for the majority of the day!


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it's times like these, and time and time again
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