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  Jun. 19th, 2009 08:13 pm
So. Went to the fracture clinic on wednesday for my follow up appt/xray and got told that healing's all going well and as the fibula isn't much of a weight bearing bone I can start walking without my cast. Hooray, I thought, and started teaching myself how to totter around one-crutched as soon as I got home.
Slight setback yesterday. On the same leg, I'd had a bad gash just above the knee that got stitched when I was in hospital, and the stitches got removed about a week and a half ago. Well, when I started walking without the cast, that area swelled up like an absolute BALLOON, making it hideously painful to bend/straighten the knee. So, we ended up going for a last min docs appt yesterday evening, and they made frowny faces and went 'whee infection, have some antibiotics, go get scanned at A and E to make sure you don't have DVT'
my reaction was 'oh for fuck's sake, MORE HOSPITALS???'
We went and sat there for like five hours (loveeee the NHS) whilst I got seen by a nurse, a doctor, and two different people from orthopaedics before they said 'You're cool, no DVT, go home and take your antibiotics' There was a minor scare when they were making 'mrrr we may have to admit you and drain it' noises and I said rather emphatically to my mother that if anyone thought I was spending another bloody night in hospital they could take a running jump, haha.
So I'm curled up on the sofa again today (fun times) but making sure I exercise that joint a bit. Official diagnosis was a hematoma which is like a big fat internal bruise as far as I understand, so the more movement the better will be to disperse it a little.
New goal- one week completely with NO DOCTORS OR HOSPITALS.


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it's times like these, and time and time again
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