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it's times like these, and time and time again ([personal profile] twentyfourhours) wrote2009-04-27 11:27 pm
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you see all my light

Hooray, this is a new space to play *twirls* I hope the crossposter works!

I was walking home from class today, looking up at the stars and daydreaming. It was only a year ago when I was doing the same in Australia, and I remembered that it was only then that I realised how many stars were in the sky at all, when we were all out in the middle of kakadu national park, drinking wine under the stars.

And even though this sounds like I'm being wistful and nostalgic, it's totally not quite that- when I was reminiscing and remembering I closed my eyes, just for a second, and felt such a huge wave of gratitude and excitement and just general joy wash over me. Sometimes, even through all the stress of uni and family and bad decisions, it's brilliant to have these little moments. Just to remember that at the end of the day I'm really, really happy to be alive, to be in the moment, to be experiencing every single thing that I can.

I want to start posting more, so pretty words don't just stay in my head and so I can look back and hold onto these memories, hold onto the times that make you aware of every moment and every single fibre of your body.

Being alive's pretty cool, sometimes. In 21 hours give or take, I'll have had 23 years of it. I just hope I can look back after another 23 and still feel this sheer joy

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