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//waiting for this world to let you in ( a sort of introduction)

Even though I plan to still be around over on LJ (for the moment, at least to read) I thought I'd create an 'about me' and 'policies' post for the new people I plan to connect with through DW.

So. I'm Emma, and I'm 23 years old. I was born on the 28th April 1986. I have one sibling- a younger sister, Sarah, who's 19 and generally embarrasses me with how much more streetwise and cool than me she is! At the moment, I live with my parents and my sister. We all get on pretty well as a family, even though we all have pretty fiery tempers sometimes! My mum and I are really close, but I get on less well with my dad- to sum up a long story, he's a typical scientific personality, I'm a typical artistic personality.

I'm currently completing an MA in Writing for Children at University of Winchester, England. I complain about the amount of work I have to do a lot, but I love it, and this degree is such a good fit for me as I'm fascinated by the subject. So far on the degree, I've got one novel-in-progress for 8-10 year olds, two vague teen novel ideas, a nearly-done picture book, and an idea for a series of 5-6000 word stories for 6-8 year old boys, so it's definitely varied! I'm about to start seriously doing my dissertation, which should be an interesting experience!

When not at uni I can be found at my part-time job at the pub. Posts about work may be access locked for just-in-case reasons, but no matter how much I complain, I generally like my job, most of the time!

I went travelling for five months from Feb-July 2008, which was easily the best decision of my life. I went on the Oz bus from London to Sydney, stopping in 17 countries along the way, then spent another six weeks travelling once the trip finished. It changed my life completely and gave me so much in terms of confidence in myself and perspective on the world, and now I have itchy feet, wanting to go adventuring again!

I have various groups of great friends- whether from uni, travelling, my old job at Thorpe Park, the pub, or even online fandom friends, and love spending time with them, even though I don't get to do it that much with some of them!

I'm a bit of a mac fan and love my macbook to bits. My preferred place to be writing is sprawled on my bed, with books all spread around me and a DVD of some sort on my laptop. I have an annoying habit of humming the last song that I heard on the radio and quoting Simpsons episodes.

I love gigs, but don't go to nearly enough of them. I'm always searching for the perfect playlist to catalogue certain situations, but never quite find it. I'm always five minutes late to everything and sing along really badly to the radio in my car. I buy far too many notebooks. Jaegerbombs are awesome. I always have three books on the go and several TV boxsets that I mean to watch. I love cinematography, and noticing those bits in films where the music and the colour and the composition merges together and makes everything awesome. I constantly search for those little beautiful moments in life, and endlessly try to document them to remember them forever.

I drink far too much diet coke.

Subscription/access wise- subscribe and I'll happily reciprocate. Most of this journal (bar work stuff/overly personal stuff/my writing) will be public, and if you want access comment and let me know where you found me.
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[personal profile] the_escapist 2009-05-09 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
Hello. Found my way over here via dreamchasers and you seem rather interesting, so I hope it's okay if I go ahead and add you. :)

The Oz bus tour sounds amazing! I think I'll bookmark that and daydream about taking it myself some day.
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Hi, I've come over from [community profile] dreamchasers as well - I've subscribed. Your trip to Australia sounds amazing, and I've always wanted to know what writing courses are actually like.
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Found you via dreamchasers and I've subscribed to your journal. The Oz Bus tour sounds like it was a blast.